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Featured Poet Bruce Cohen

Asylum Hill Congregational Church

Disloyal Yo-YoBruce Cohen

814 Asylum Avenue, Hartford CT

6:30 PM (doors open–featured poet promptly at 7:00!)

Bruce Cohen’s poems have appeared in well over a hundred literary periodicals. They have also been featured on Poetry Daily & Verse Daily. He has published three acclaimed volumes of poetry:

  • Disloyal Yo-Yo (winner of the 2007 Orphic Poetry Prize),
  • Swerve, and
  • Placebo Junkies Conspiring with the Half-Asleep.


Mr. Cohen received an individual artist grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism.  Prior to joining the Creative Writing faculty at the University of Connecticut in 2012, he directed, developed, and implemented nationally recognized academic enhancement programs for thirty years at the University of Arizona, The University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Connecticut.