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Max Early: Poetry and Identity; the Necessity of Preservation and Celebration of the Culture of Origin”

Join us when Riverwood Poetry presents a reading by Santa Fe poet, Max Early.  A conversation on “Poetry and Identity; the necessity of preservation and celebration of the culture of origin” follows the reading. 

About the poet:

Max Early received his BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico (May 2010). He is currently the 2015 Lannan Foundation Indigenous Writer-in-Residence Fellow at the School of Advanced Research. Max is from Laguna Pueblo located in New Mexico and writes in both English and his native Keresan language. He is the author of Ears of Corn: Listen (3: A Taos Press), which received the 2015 Southwest Book Design and Production Award in Poetry from the New Mexico Book Association; 2015 poetry book finalist from the New Mexico – Arizona Book Awards.

At present, Max is working on his second book of poetry with the goal of helping to preserve the Keresan language and the cultures and traditions of his pueblo. Max states: “I write poetry to preserve thoughts and prayers that seem to be gradually going away. The younger generations have lost a great deal of knowledge from stories and legends that were only told orally. I write to keep these memories and moments alive for the next generations. I write to share what knowledge I possess to remember the morals and tales of our people.” In addition to poetry, Max works in clay, creating innovative and beautiful pottery.